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Narcizo Sunset


The limited collection of Signature Series is a unique concept of designs dreamed up by the most elite Men’s Physique athletes of our brand. This way, wearing such genuine style of shorts on stage makes you not only special, but also absolutely original and unforgettable! Let’s introduce you Maxime Villatte’s Sunset Signature Series shorts…

Their dream = our mission!

The cut of the shorts is also unique in its fitting. The special cutting and black waistband make your waist look slimmer. The waist is made of a flexible, adaptable material that follows the shape and dimension of the waist, so no cramped waist when posing. This is especially important for Men’s Physique athletes when holding their back poses, the most decisive pose for the evaluation of the physique of this category!

The length of the shorts is reduced, following the latest trends. The word ‘Narcizo’ on the waist side proudly expresses, that you are part of the #narcizogang !

Details are sometimes very crucial to bring out the very best version of the stage performance. This way, the stiffness of the shorts is the only way to highlight thigh muscles and buttocks. The Narcizo logo is made with embroidery which is decorated with a crystal of the same colour. The lace is made of real silk and with a unique spinning technology, which is decorated with a crystallized, shiny and anti-allergenic cord end.

This special warm colour fusion design is not distracting and it does not divide your body visually – it blends perfectly with the tanned skin tones and will rock on stage in any line-up!