Narcizo boardshorts electric emerald


Narcizo boardshorts electric emerald



Men’s Physique Shorts
Be in the center of attention wearing Electric Emerald design from Narcizo. This eye-catching design is full of energy and vibrance, it symbolizes youth and vitality. It will with no doubt attract attention of the judges and will make you stand out in the line-up.

The special cutting and black waistband make your waist look slimmer, while the side part highlights the sweep of your thighs and the hind part highlights your glutes.
The exclusive embroidered logo is decorated with Swarowski crystals matching the color of the shorts, just as the end of the laces, made from the engraved letters of the brand.
Wear the silk lace with an elegant tie and let the stage lights glisten on the metal and the crystals.
The special multi-color design is not distracting and it does not divide your body visually – it blends perfectly with the tanned skin tones.