Evolite Nutrition protein pancakes


Evolite Nutrition protein pancakes

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Protein pancakes from Evolite are a delicious variation on your standard diet or maybe even a new part of your standard diet!
The pancakes you make with this supplement are not only delicious, but also have perfect macros!

Pancakes are usually not very popular in the fitness branch because they contain a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of fat.
Evolite has chosen the best ingredients and protein quality and also a very friendly price.
The pancakes are made with both milk and water.
Made with water, 1 serving only provides 253 kcal with more than 23 grams of high quality protein and less than 6 grams of fat.
The carbohydrates are high quality and no sugar is added.

1 serving (3 scoops) contains
253 kcal
5,84gr fat
22,18gr carbohydrate
23.38gr protein
0,18gr salt